COVID-19 Grooming Policy



Conditions under which we are able to accept dogs for grooming.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic the way in which we work and groom your dogs has changed dramatically. Whilst we will be adhering to the strictest guidelines to reduce the spread of the virus it must be clearly understood that clients wishing to have their dogs groomed at this time do so at their own risk and must agree to the Terms & Conditions as well as the following below.

Anybody self isolating, classed as vulnerable or showing any symptoms MUST NOT under any circumstances attend a grooming appointment. 

  • There will be a drop off zone clearly marked in the car park where hand sanitiser is available for your use in order to minimise cross contamination.
  • You will be responsible for securing your dog to the hook system clearly marked on the wall.
  • You will be met by one of us at the drop of station, you will be asked to step back 2m and we will then secure our lead to the dog, we will step back and you will be asked to sanitise your hands prior to removing your lead.  All leads, collars and harnesses must be removed and taken home.
  • This system will be repeated on collection.
  • We will require at least 24hrs notice of cancellation, failure to do this will result in a cancellation fee becoming payable prior to booking any future appointments.
  • We can now only accept remote payments and each customer will be given bank account details to enable payment to be made by bank transfer prior to collection of the dog.
  • You must drop off and collect at the agreed time. Dogs arriving more than 10 minutes late may have to be rebooked and a late fee will apply to cover the cost of earnings. Dogs collected more than 10 minutes late will incur a sitting fee as this may result in the next appointment having to be postponed or even rebooked. This is due to the time required for deep cleaning and sterilising of the salon and all equipment between grooms.
  • Before the grooming commences your dog will be misted down with pet safe, non toxic, non irritating anti viral spray (Leucillin). However, it must be understood that if in the unlikely event a reaction occurred we cannot be held liable.
  • Where possible please brush your dog prior to the appointment as per the guidelines the dog will be bathed immediately.
  • We do understand that in these difficult times they may not have been professionally groomed for sometime therefore we ask that you read the Matted Dog Policy, as by agreeing to this contract you provide us with permission to clip a matted coat. We will try our very best to maintain the desired style but any knotted or matted coat will need to be clipped short. 
  • Dogs requiring extensive extra work may incur an extra charge.
  • Our other policies also apply.

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