Matted Dog Policy

At Bowwow’s Grooming Room we abide by the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and will not intentionally cause pain, injury or suffering. 

When presented with a matted dog we will not subject any dog to extensive de-matting attempts as these can cause considerable pain and distress to the dog.

Matted coats can cause a variety of skin and health problems. Matted fur does not allow for air circulation to the skin causing hot spots, bacterial and fungal infections. Fleas, ticks, maggots and other parasites may be lurking in the coat causing further skin infections.

Matted fur also pulls and binds, causing pain to your pet when they move or lie on mats. The skin underneath is usually raw and inflamed. Matted coats will not dry properly and this can lead to rotting fur and even skin. Due to matting we may have to shave the hair extremely short to the skin and may show signs of irritation and sore due to matting, wet undercoat and dirty coat. In order to take care of a dog that has not been groomed regularly and is matted this may mean that the grooming session may be long, stressful or painful. (please note: more than one session may be required if the dog is severely matted). It is our aim to ensure that the grooming experience is as stress free as possible.

Dependant on the condition of the coat Bowwow’s may determine that it is kinder to the dog to shave the coat right down as this is the most humane action to take. This short clip will remove all the matting. Where feasible we would still work to de-mat or brush out but only when it would not cause excessive pain to do so.

There is a chance that skin may become irritated during a complete shave off, we will use a medicated shampoo to help to sooth any irritation that may occur, The dog may be knocked as we have to work so closely to the skin to remove the matted coat. Our groomers are extremely careful but the possibility of injury does exist.

Bowwow’s Grooming Room are very happy to prove advice on caring for the coat moving forward so that matting does not reoccur.

I hereby release Bowwow’s Grooming Room from any liability associated with the above mentioned process and any/all medical problems that may be uncovered occur during the stripping and de-matting process.

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